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About Season one

For our first season, we’re telling a true tale about loss, perseverance and the solace of cinema. Peter Bogdanovich was the toast of Hollywood at a very young age, but soon found himself a failure with a string of flops, ruined relationships, and the tragic murder of the love of his life. Now, alongside host Ben Mankiewicz, Peter looks back on his life, trying to make sense of the good and the bad, and reckon with his legacy in an unforgiving industry. Featuring new and archival interviews with many of the greatest directors of all time, this is a story about the elusiveness of dreams, fame and power. It’s about what happens when luck disappears and misfortune moves in. From Turner Classic Movies, this is The Plot Thickens: I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich.

The Players

peter bogdanovich
Peter Bogdanovich

Writer, director, film critic, author, actor, producer, journalist, raconteur – he reached the heights of Hollywood before a series of dramatic, humbling falls.

Ben Mankiewicz
Ben Mankiewicz

The host of The Plot Thickens and host of Turner Classic Movies, Ben is the scion of a legendary showbiz family.

Polly Platt
Polly Platt

Peter’s first wife and creative collaborator, a talented designer whose insights helped shape many of Peter’s best films.

Cybill Shepherd

Star of movies and TV and one of the most popular leading ladies of the 1970s and 80s.

Orson Welles
Orson Welles

One of the defining cinematic talents of the 20th century, and an important mentor to Peter.

dorothy stratten
Dorothy Stratten

Playboy Playmate and actress, Dorothy met a terrible end just as her star was starting to shine.

roger corman
Roger Corman

Revered B-movie producer who gave Peter his first directing jobs.

frank marshall
Frank Marshall

Hollywood super-producer who got his start with Peter and Polly.

burt reynolds
Burt Reynolds

The biggest movie star of the 1970s who worked twice with Peter – and then betrayed him.

hugh hefner
Hugh Hefner

Founder of Playboy Magazine whose connections to Peter turned tragic.

ben gazzarra
Ben Gazzara

Brilliant star of screen and stage who collaborated with Peter on two pivotal films.

monika subramaniam
Monika Subramaniam

Singapore-based actress who, for a brief time, became Peter’s leading lady on screen and off.

Neil Canton

Blockbuster producer whose first jobs allowed him to witness Peter’s rise and fall.

Louise Stratten

Actress and producer whose life became entwined with Peter after her sister’s death.