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The Plot Thickens - Season 3


Welcome to The Plot Thickens, a documentary podcast about the movies and the people who make them. Our third season is Lucy, the story of Lucille Ball as never heard before, from her early years as a model to her triumphant takeover of television.

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NEW EPISODES Every Tuesday!

Tuesday, October 26
Episode three

Lucy barely gets noticed in movies until she’s discovered by a new mentor, who teaches her the secrets to success.

Tuesday, November 2
Episode four

Forced from his home by violent revolution, Desi Arnaz makes his mark on America even before meeting Lucy, the woman of his dreams.

Tuesday, November 9
Episode five

From the start, Lucy and Desi fight as fiercely as they love, but their partnership attracts interest in a new medium: television.

Tuesday, November 16
Episode six
I Love Lucy

Desi assembles a ragtag team of collaborators to make a new kind of TV show, one that would rewrite the rules of television.

Tuesday, November 23
Episode seven
The Red Scare

At the height of Lucy’s popularity, the government kicks off a political investigation that threatens to ruin her career.

Tuesday, November 30
Episode eight
The End of Desilu

Lucy and Desi's fortunes skyrocket, but the strain of running an empire takes its toll, and their marriage reaches a breaking point.

Tuesday, December 7
Episode nine
Boss Lady

Lucy heads east for a chance to star on Broadway, before returning to Hollywood as the first female head of a major studio.

Tuesday, December 14
Episode ten

Depressed after the failure of her newest show, Lucy tries to enjoy retirements amidst a constant stream of awards and tributes.

ABOUT Season Three

From her early years as a model to her triumphant takeover of television, this is the story of Lucille Ball, as never heard before. Join host Ben Mankiewicz as he delves into the private world of America’s funniest redhead and hear for yourself the many triumphs and tragedies, with surprising revelations at every turn.