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The Plot Thickens | Season one


Welcome to The Plot Thickens, a new documentary podcast about the movies and the people who make them. Our first season is I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich, the tale of a young cinephile who became one of Hollywood’s top directors – but soon found himself a victim of jealousy, public scorn, and a devastating crime.

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father and son with camera

Episode one Bugs

A young film buff grows up in New York, learning to obsess over the movies the way his father obsesses over art.  With his sights set on acting, Peter unexpectedly finds his calling as a director – by sparring with one of the biggest TV stars of all time.

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Episode two Target: Hollywood

After writing about movies and directing theater, Peter drives across the country to break into the movie business.  With his new wife and closest collaborator by his side, he finally meets Orson Welles and turns a low-budget directing gig into his first critical success.

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Episode three Cybill

Peter challenges himself to film an “unfilmable” book and creates one of the seminal movies of the 1970s: The Last Picture Show. Accolades pour in, but Peter risks losing his family after an affair with his leading lady, Cybill Shepherd.

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Episode four Babe Ruth Just Bunted

As his relationship with Cybill is splashed across the tabloids, Peter finds himself despised by the public and ostracized in Hollywood.

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Episode five Bogdanovich, The Misunderstood

Peter heads overseas to shoot a daring new movie, filming in secret to evade government censors.  While his career starts to recover, he embarks on an affair with his new leading lady – causing his relationship with Cybill to crumble.

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Episode six Dorothy

Alone for the first time, Peter finds love in an unexpected place: the Playboy Mansion. But he’s unprepared for the tragedy that lies ahead.

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Trailer Introducing The Plot Thickens

Peter Bogdanovich was a young cinephile who quickly rose to become one of Hollywood’s top directors. But he soon found himself a victim of jealousy, hubris, public scorn – and a devastating crime.  Now, he looks back on a life of fame and failure, and through it all, an enduring love of the movies. A new seven-part documentary podcast from Turner Classic Movies.

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Bonus Trailer I’m Still Peter Bogdanovich

Learn more about the first season of The Plot Thickens, the new podcast from Turner Classic Movies.

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Tuesday, June 2
Episode seven
I'm Still Peter Bogdanovich

While making peace with Polly and Orson, Peter once again becomes a target of the press after he marries Dorothy’s sister.

ABOUT Season One

For our first season, we’re telling a true tale about loss, perseverance and the solace of cinema. Peter Bogdanovich was the toast of Hollywood at a very young age, but soon found himself a failure with a string of flops, ruined relationships, and the tragic murder of the love of his life.

Biography Header Image

Biography: Peter Bogdanovich

The Peter Bogdanovich story is a Hollywood tale through and through, replete with memorable associations and fantastic success, along with dramatic ups and downs.

His own story is as bold and surprising as any of his movies, and he takes us behind the scenes of both his work and his personal life in Season One of The Plot Thickens.

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