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The Plot Thickens | Season two


Welcome to The Plot Thickens, a documentary podcast about the movies and the people who make them. Our second season is The Devil’s Candy, the inside story of how a star-studded movie with all the makings of a hit ended up a cautionary tale for the ages.

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Tuesday, August 3
Episode six
The Best Movie We Ever Made

Test screening scores start high but quickly drop, and the post-production team begins to realize that the movie is in trouble.

Tuesday, August 10
Episode seven
You've Got to be a Genius to Make a Movie This Bad

The Bonfire of the Vanities tanks with both critics and audiences, as hundreds of people try to figure out what went wrong.

ABOUT Season Two

For our second season, we’re bringing you behind the scenes for the unmaking of a movie – a movie that could have been a smash, but ended up a flop.  The Bonfire of the Vanities was one of the best-selling novels of the 1980s and had all the makings for a hit motion picture: a dark comedy with heart and bite, an A-list director and a star-studded cast.  So what went wrong?